Vendor Application Process

The State Agency will consider vendor applications (PDF*) on a quarterly basis – beginning on:

          • January 1,
          • April 1,
          • July 1, and
          • September 1

– Unless more frequent consideration is necessary to ensure adequate participant access.

If more frequent consideration is necessary due to inadequate participant access, the State Agency will post a notice on its website informing retailers of the need for additional authorized vendors in particular areas of the state.


  1. Each retail store applying for WIC authorization shall submit all the required application (PDF*) forms to the Maine CDC WIC Nutrition Program office. The application forms shall be completed in full, signed by an appropriate vendor representative, and submitted to the State Agency within the specified timeframe.
  2. If all required information is provided, the applicant meets the selection criteria and the application is approved, the State Agency will notify the vendor by the end of the quarter in which the application has been considered and processed, unless an earlier notification is necessary in order to ensure adequate participant access.
  3. The State Agency shall conduct on-site preauthorization visits to verify information received during the application process.

     Competitive pricing
     Maintaining minimum stock of all WIC foods

  4. Once an on-site preauthorization visit has been approved, a representative of the store (store owners, managers, and/or store staff) is required to successfully complete vendor training. Initial training shall be in a face-to-face format. This training may be held during the on-site visit or at another time and location to be decided by the State Agency.
  5. Once training has been completed, the vendor applicant and the State Agency will sign a Vendor Agreement up to a three year period. An authorization stamp will be assigned to the vendor. At this time the vendor may begin to transact WIC food instruments/cash-value vouchers (FIs/CVVs).
  6. Upon initial authorization, one self-inking vendor stamp will be provided to the vendor.
  7. Vendors will receive an application for renewal of authorization at least thirty (30) days before the agreement expires. This shall include notification that failure to return the renewal application prior to the date of expiration of the current Agreement will result in loss of authorization.

For Complete Vendor Management Policies please read FY Policies (PDF*)


WIC Vendor Application

Any store owner may apply for WIC authorization PDF. There is no charge for application or re-authorization. WIC-authorized stores must meet certain requirements for stocking products that can be bought with WIC checks, and must also charge competitive prices and have a good business reputation. Stores must apply for re-authorization PDF every three years.

Maine WIC provides training for store owners and staff in working with WIC recipients and handling WIC checks. Vendor training is required once every three years. Request training using this form.