Children's Behavioral Health

Individual Planning Funds

The individual funds are designed to provide flexible short-term; time limited support to fill gaps in services that cannot be addressed through any other funding source.  The funds may be a onetime purchase or may help the child/youth transition to a more stable service or funding source.  These services are part of the child's service or treatment plan due to evidence of a demonstrated need. 

We need as much information about the request as possible, so it is clear to the reader exactly how this request relates to the child's diagnosis/disability and what other funding sources have been attempted.  The goals on the ISP should reflect the identified needs.  Other funding sources to consider are Adoption Subsidies, SSI income, Maine Care, General Assistance, fuel assistance programs, etc. Parents are expected to contribute except in cases of serious hardship.

Requests need Prior Approval

Please do not submit bills or requests for payment for any expenditure that has not gone through the prior approval process.


If the request is for specialty equipment/service, safety equipment, etc; we expect to see written documentation from the child's physician, psychologist, therapist, etc of recommendations, as well as, written proof that Maine Care has denied the request.


Since individual planning funding is "short-term" families and the team working with the child need to consider how this funding, if approved, will be sustained over time. What other resources are being sought, such as natural supports, and what changes or adjustments are the families willing/able to do to ensure the child's needs will be met in the future. 


Individual Planning funds will not pay for the following:
Animals, recreation (therapeutic or other), any other state service, or ordinary household expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, car repairs, clothing, or food.
If you question what is being asked for, consult your supervisor.

OCFS has recognized an unanticipated need for greater guidance and policy making regarding the use of IPF for therapeutic riding. As a result, the addition of therapeutic riding to the list of reimbursable items is suspended at this time.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of approval; Parents/Guardians should wait for an approval from OCFS before making any commitments or expecting payment.Approval is depending on the availability of funds.