RPC's Contribution to the Greater Augusta Community

Riverview Psychiatric Center is a fully accredited, fully licensed, and Nationally Certified Hospital providing excellence in recovery-based psychiatric care to Maine with mental illness.

Riverview Psychiatric Center is also the only Maine State Psychiatric Facility providing quality inpatient and community forensic psychiatric services to Maine people.

But that’s only part of the story. Riverview Psychiatric Center also provides Maine communities, and the greater Augusta Community in particular, a significant, vital and vibrant economic support amounting to millions of dollars and resulting in hundreds of Maine people being employed. This has resulted in significant a boost to the local Augusta economy. Because Riverview is an industry of mental health care, provided by professional staff of all levels, this employment center attracts to the Augusta area a wide range of professional services including educational, and service industry opportunities and expansion. This has had the effect of helping to improve in the overall quality of life for all Maine citizens.

Riverview Psychiatric Center employs 315 full-time professional staff, Maine citizens who have lived, worked and raised families in Maine for an average of 40 years.

  • These 315 Riverview staff generates $19,500,000 annually in payroll and benefits, or $360,000 every week.
  • This same Riverview staff annually pays an estimated $1,500,000 in Federal Taxes and $750,000 in State Taxes.
  • It is estimated that for every paycheck dollar Riverview staff receive, they generate another $3.00 in additional financial community benefit and support services. This translates into an additional $60,000,000 in financial benefit to the greater Augusta community.
  • Riverview Psychiatric Center also “contracts” out for $7,000,000 dollars in needed support services from Maine Business, including the purchase of Maine power, food from Maine stores, medical supplies and services from Maine hospitals and health care providers, and health care professional services. It is estimated that this $7,000,000 results in an additional 100 Maine people being employed.
  • Riverview also generates a significant amount of Federal dollar. These are new dollars coming into Maine each year. Each year Riverview receives approximately $20,000,000 from Medicaid for the mental health care for clients who can not afford this much needed lifeline of care.

While clients of Riverview, a number of individuals work in meaningful, competitive employment.

  • Last year 50 RPC clients worked over 12,000 hours and were paid $100,000.
  • This means they also paid taxes, bought goods, paid for services within Maine communities.
  • When these clients rightfully move back into the community, Medicare-Medicaid dollars follow, generating ongoing financial benefits to the community through continued use of community resources and payment for those resources with still more State, Federal dollars, and with clients working, personal payroll dollars, all of which collectively provide hundreds of millions of dollars to the financial health of Maine.
  • These are resources spent here in Maine--resources which result in employment of not only hundreds of mental health professionals, support staff, job coaches, medical staff and other professional supports in Maine Communities. With recovery that same client, who now lives and works in Maine communities, now also pays rent, buy food, buys clothes, takes care of their families, live and work and spend their money, in our Maine communities.

In short, Riverview Psychiatric Center is certainly an organization Maine people can be proud of given the high quality of care Maine citizens receive—and also Riverview’s contribution to developing a stable, long term, vibrate financial profile for the Greater Augusta Community and the State of Maine. This contribution, from an industry which attracts and supports professional health care and services, contributes to a stronger and healthier Maine.