Community Mental Health Block Grant

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Table of Contents

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  1. State Information
    1. State Information
    2. State information Chief Executive Officers Funding Agreement/Certifications (Form 3)
    3. Assurances - Non Construction Programs
    4. Certification
    5. Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
  2. Planning Steps
    1. Step 1 -  Assess the strengths and needs of the service system to address the specific populations (Refer to attachment Planning Steps 1 _Org Chart_Adult MH)
    2. Step 2 - Identify the unmet service needs and critical gaps within the current system
    3. Table 2 Step 3 - Prioritize State Planning Activities
    4. Table 3 Step 4 - Develop Objectives, Strategies and Performance Indicators
  3. Use of Block Grant Dollars for Block Grant Activities
    1. Table 4 Services Purchased Using Reimbursement Strategy
    2. Table 5 Projected Expenditure for Treatment and Recovery Supports
    3. Table 6 Primary Prevention Planned Expenditure Checklist (N/A)
    4. Table 7 Projected State Agency Expenditure Report (N/A)
    5. Table 8 Resource Development Planned Expenditure Checklist (N/A)
  4. Narrative Plan
    1. D. Activities that Support Individuals in Directing the Services
    2. E. Data and Information Technology
    3. F. Quality Improvement Reporting  - (Refer to attachment F. Quality Improvement Reporting _ Adult MH Quality Management Plan Community Based Services)
    4. G. Consultation with Tribes
    5. H. Service Management Strategies
    6. I. State Dashboards (Table 10)
    7. J. Suicide Prevention  - (Refer to attachments J. Suicide Prevention _ Adult MH Plan for the Prevention of Suicide among Adults DRAFT & Suicide Prevention Plan MYSPPplan-final-5-20-08[1] [1])
    8. K. Technical Assistance Needs
    9. L. Involvement of Individuals and Families  - (Refer to attachment L. Involvement of Individuals and Families MAFO Flier 042511[1])
    10. M. Use of Technology
    11. N. Support of State Partners  - (Refer to attachments N. Support of State Partners CBHS IPC Title 15 Referrals [1], N. Support of State Partners DHHS OCFS Protocol Children at risk [1], N. Support of State Partners MOU DHHS CBHS + DOC [1] N. Support of State Partners_ Adult MH MOU Dept. of Corrections & DHHS OAMHS)
    12. O. State Behavioral Health Advisory Council
    13. Table 11  - List of Advisory Council Members
    14. Table 12  - Behavioral Health Advisory Council Composition by Type of Member
    15. P. Comment on State Plan