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DMR Home > Councils > DMR Advisory > Agendas >May 21, 2008

DMR Advisory Council Meeting
May 21, 2008 , 1:00 p.m.


1. Welcome (Chair)

2008 election of officers – Proposed Slate of officers:
Chair - Dana Rice Sr., Vice Chair – Dave Pecci; Secretary – Al West

2. Approval of minutes (handout) Meeting – February 20, 2008 (Chair)

3. Regulations - Action (voting) (handouts)

Chapter 2.05 Definitions and Chapter 2.90 Limited-purpose aquaculture (LPA) license – Updates and Municipal LPA (Samantha Horn Olsen)

Chapter 21 Shellfish Relay (Amy Fitzpatrick, Samantha Horn Olsen)

Chapter 2.95 Water Quality Classifications and Shellfish Aquaculture;
Chapter 2.90(3)(C)(3) LPA - shellfish less than 25mm in size - citation correction; and
Chapter 22 Shellfish Culture in Closed areas (update/moved into 2.95 above)
(Amy Fitzpatrick, Samantha Horn Olsen)

Chapter 34.10(1)(B)(2)&(4) Recreational summer flounder size increase, bag limit and season (Togue Brawn)

Chapter 34.10(1)(B)(4)(b)(ii)&(iii) Atlantic halibut, size and possession limits – technical clarification for aquaculture (Kohl Kanwit)

Chapter 90.20(1) Hancock County; Taunton Bay Management Area (Hancock, Sullivan, and Franklin) (John Sowles)

4. Other Business


Other Updates

** Directions to the Natural Resource Service Center (NRSC) from Augusta:
From the State House in Augusta, travel south on State Street for 1.7 miles. When entering the City of Hallowell, look for the first street on the right which is Winthrop Street; go up Winthrop Street to the top of the hill; on the right is a red sign that says "Hallowell Annex State Offices". Turn into this complex. DMR is the first brick building on the right. The NRSC is the second brick building on the right. Meetings will be held in the conference room at the NRSC, 6 Beech Street, Hallowell, which is the building located behind the main Department of Marine Resources Hallowell building. Access to conference room is on the ground level via the entrance up the ramp located at the rear of the building. There is additional parking just beyond the NRSC building.

Always call ahead to confirm that the meeting is being held: (207) 624-6553

Note: Duplicate copies of the materials mailed for the cancelled April 16th meeting are not included in this mailing.
Scheduled Rulemaking Hearings or Meetings:

Date: May 5, 2008

FMI: Contact Laurice Churchill at (207) 633-9584

Date Hearing or meeting / Location / Chapter or Subject / Staff contact on Notices
Rulemaking Hearings and Meetings – abbreviated chronological listing

05-21-08 Meeting Hallowell Advisory Council meeting
06-16-08 Hearing Boothbay Hbr Ch 75 Protected Resources (T. Stockwell, S. Cotnoir)
06-23-08 Hearings Ellsworth Ch 26.07 Urchin Season 08-09 Zones 1 & 2 (M. Hunter)
06-25-08 Hearings Boothbay Hbr Ch 26.07 Urchin Season 08-09 Zones 1 & 2 (M. Hunter)
06-18-08 Meeting Hallowell Advisory Council meeting
07-16-08 Meeting Hallowell Advisory Council meeting

Draft rulemaking in progress - Written materials not available unless noted:

Ch 11 Scallop dredge size in Jonesport area; reporting; waiting on outcome of proposed legislation (T. Brawn)
Ch 15.36 Buying Stations (Chamberlain, Fitzpatrick)
Ch 25 Lobster Zones: changes to exit ratios based on tags instead of licenses (S. Cotnoir)