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DMR Home >Councils > DMR Advisory > Agendas > Sept 16, 2009

DMR Advisory Council Meeting
Natural Resource Service Center
September 16, 2009 1:00 p.m.


1. Welcome
Discussion on the vacancy and election of the Office of Chair to fill out the 2009 term of office

2. Approval of minutes (handout) Meeting – July 15, 2009 (Chair)
(PDF format, 19KB, 3 pages)

3. Regulations - Action (voting) (handouts)

Chapter 11.09 Atlantic Sea Scallop Harvesting Season, and Chapter 11.10(1)(H) Closed Areas (T. Brawn)
(PDF format, 132KB, 16 pages) Note: This file was updated September 9, 2009; the Chandler Bay text on page 2 has been corrected as described in the documentation)
(PDF format, 237KB, 18 pages – individual comments document)

      (PDF format, 57KB, 4 pages – petition (168) names document)
      (PDF format, 750KB, 11 pages – petition (117) names document)

      Note: For copies of charts contact Togue Brawn (207-624-6558)


Chapter 11.10(1)(H)(10) Closed Areas, Whiting Bay and Denny’s Bay Area plus technical amendments: Chapter 11.19(1)(E) - add reference to section (H)(10); Chapter 26.19 - add reference to Chapter 11.10(1)(H)(10); and Chapter 11.20(1) – remove graphic (T. Brawn)
(PDF format, 39KB, 5 pages)
(PDF format, 237KB, 18 pages – individual comments document)

      (PDF format, 170KB, 1 page – petition (21) names document)

4. Other Business

ASMFC & NEFMC Updates (Comm. Lapointe)


Other Updates