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DMR Home >Councils > DMR Advisory > Agendas > Aug 18, 2010

DMR Advisory Council Meeting
Natural Resource Service Center
August 18, 2010, 1:00 p.m.

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1. Welcome

2. Approval of minutes (handout) Meeting – June 16, 2010 (PDF format, 19KB, 3 pages)

3. Regulations - Action (voting) (handouts)

Chapter 26.07(1) Sea Urchin Harvesting Season 2010 – 2011– Zone 1 (T. Brawn, M. Hunter)
(PDF format, 22KB, 2 pages plus calendar 10KB, 1 page)
Chapter 26.07(2) Sea Urchin Harvesting Season 2010 – 2011– Zone 2
(PDF format, 25KB, 3 pages, plus calendar 12KB, 1 page)
Chapter 8.20(P) Landings Program, Harvester Reporting, Urchin Harvest (Zone 1)
(PDF format, 49KB, 5 pages)

Chapter 10.05 Taking of quahogs in the sub-tidal waters of New Meadows Lake, Brunswick and West Bath (Col. Fessenden) (PDF format, 49KB, 6 pages)

Chapter 25.95(1)(F)(6) Violations (Col. Fessenden) (PDF format, 8KB, 1 page)

Chapter 25.93(E)(4) Lower Limit of Tags replaces Lower Limit of Licenses (D. Gilbert)
(PDF format, 21KB, 2 pages)

Chapter 36.01(D)(2) Herring, Catch quota and effort restrictions, landing definition
(Col. Fessenden) (PDF format, 13KB, 2 pages)

4. Other Business


Other Updates