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DMR Home >Councils > DMR Advisory > Agendas > Feb 17, 2010

DMR Advisory Council Meeting
Natural Resource Service Center
February 17, 2010, 1:00 p.m.


1. Welcome

Report from the 2010 Nomination Committee election of the proposed officer’s slate:
Chair – Al West, Vice Chair – Glen Libby, Secretary – Dana Temple (voting item)

2. Approval of minutes (handout) Meeting – December 16, 2009 (PDF format, 28KB, 4 pages)

3. Regulations - Action (voting) (handouts)

Chapter 25.08(A)(4) Double Tagging in Zone B & Zone C (Col. Fessenden)
(PDF format, 35KB, 4 pages) and (comments document: PDF format, 141KB, 16 pages)

Chapter 34.10(1)(B) Winter Flounder – ASMFC compliance limits for recreational and commercial harvest (T. Stockwell) (PDF format, 30KB, 4 pages)

Chapter 50 Spiny Dogfish and Coastal Sharks (T. Stockwell) (PDF format, 21KB, 3 pages)

Chapter 2.10(6) & 2.64(7)(C) Minimum Finfish Lease Site Separation – Repeal (M. Nelson)
(PDF format, 31KB, 4 pages)

Chapter 34.10(1)(B) Halibut regulations (T. Brawn, K. Kanwit) (PDF format, 96KB, 12 pages)

4. Other Business

ASMFC & NEFMC Updates (Comm. Lapointe)


Other Updates