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DMR Seeking Volunteers in Shrimp and Scallop Fisheries for Testing Vessel Tracking and Data Collection Technologies

DMR is seeking volunteers in the shrimp and scallop fisheries for a short-term pilot project testing vessel tracking and data collection technologies. The hope is that DMR can find a tool that could possibly be used in the future to allow vessels to pick their own fishing days and which also allows for more real-time data reporting. The technology includes easy to use vessel monitoring equipment that transmits data using both cellular and satellite communications, making it much more cost effective than traditional satellite-only vessel monitoring equipment. It also includes an Android tablet with an application that allows harvesters to report data to the Department electronically each day. Catch and landings data are kept as confidential at the Department, according to State law and DMR chapter 5 regulations. If you are interested in volunteering with this project, contact Heidi Bray by January 2nd at (207) 592-4082.