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Jon Cornish Named Major of Maine Marine Patrol

Major Jon Cornish

Jon Cornish, a 28-year veteran of the Maine Marine Patrol, has been promoted to the rank of Major. Major Cornish will fill the recently vacated position created by the retirement of Major Alan Talbot, who served the Bureau of Marine Patrol for 25 years.

As Major, Cornish will serve as second-in-command to Colonel Joseph Fessenden. His responsibilities include operational field command, planning, coordinating, assigning, and overseeing Marine Patrol enforcement activities. He will also serve as the Marine Patrol’s representative for the National Association of Boating Law Administrators, coordinate response to requests by other agencies, and represent the Marine Patrol on homeland security and other emergency preparedness issues.

“Jon Cornish is an excellent choice for this important leadership position in the Marine Patrol,” said Governor Paul R. LePage. “Throughout his career he has balanced the need to enforce laws that protect our valuable marine resources with the interests of hardworking Mainers who make their living on the water.”

Prior to accepting the position of Major, Cornish served 28 years in the Marine Patrol, the last nine as Lieutenant of Division I, which includes the Maine coast from Kittery to the St. George River. He began his career in the Marine Patrol in 1985 as an Officer. In 2001 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, supervising 6 Marine Patrol Officers and one Boat Specialist. In 2004, Cornish accepted the position of Lieutenant, taking responsibility for direction and supervision of 18 Officers and 3 Sergeants.

“Jon has been a true leader throughout his career,” said Patrick Keliher, Commissioner of the Maine Department of Marine Resources. “His work ethic and commitment to excellence have set a great example for Marine Patrol Officers.”

During his career, Cornish has been acknowledged for his leadership in developing standards for resolving conflicts between fixed and mobile gear fishing fleets. “Jon has been top notch as a Marine Patrol official,” said Vincent Balzano, a Saco-based ground fisherman and former member of the Maine Department of Marine Resources Advisory Committee. “Jon goes above and beyond to work things out for industry. His effort to resolve gear conflicts is a classic example of how he helps different constituents reach an understanding. He’ll be an asset both to the Marine Patrol and to industry.”

“He has set the standard we now use to resolve conflicts,” added Marine Patrol Colonel Joseph Fessenden. “Jon has done an excellent job throughout his career in building positive relationships with industry and within the coastal communities we serve. I am confident that he will provide exceptional leadership and vision as the new Major of the Maine Marine Patrol.”

The Marine Patrol is a Bureau of the Maine Department of Marine Resource that enforces marine resources laws on Maine’s coastal and tidal waters.