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DMR Home > Species Info > Herring > Fishery Management > Area 1A September 9, 2013

Notice to Atlantic Herring Fishery: Closure of Area 1A, Effective September 9 - September 30, 2013

ASMFC has estimated that the Area 1A Period 2 quota has been fully harvested. Therefore, Effective 00:01 September 9, 2013 it is unlawful to fish, take, transport, or land Atlantic Herring taken from Management Area 1A. This restriction shall be in place until 23:59 September 30, 2013, dates inclusive.


  • Any vessels may land or offload Herring in the State of Maine as incidental catch as long as such herring do not comprise more than 10% of the total weight of the catch not to exceed 2000 lbs per trip per day.
  • Herring taken legally outside Area 1A may be transported through the area, only if all fishing gear has been stowed.
  • Fishermen fishing with fixed gear (stop seines, pound nets and weirs only) east of the most western border of Cutler Maine (Lon: -67.323) are not subject to this notice.

For more information, call your local Marine Patrol Division Headquarters (Div I 633-9595, Div II 667-3373), or your local marine patrol officer.

map of atlantic herring management areas

This page was posted May 8, 2014.