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Maine Scallop Management Meetings and Proposals

DMR is in the process of rebuilding Maine’s scallop resource, and an integral part of the rebuilding strategy has been the implementation of Closed Areas. After being in place for three years, these closures will sunset this year (2012) and a new rotational management plan is being proposed by DMR to create a more predictable and profitable fishery.

Several meetings with the industry were held during 2012, and their summaries and the resulting proposed regulations are below, most recent first. Summaries are PDF files, which may require Adobe Reader software (download here free) to view or print.

Proposed regulations and season for 2012-13

August 9th Industry Meeting

DMR's Recommendations to the Scallop Advisory Council (SAC) at the June 21st SAC meeting

Scallop Scoping Meetings held in May and June 2012

Scallop Industry Meetings held in April 2012

March 2012

For more information, please contact Trisha DeGraaf, (207) 624-6554.