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Limited Access Areas

Some of the areas that were closed for 3 years in 2009 for rebuilding have been retained as Limited Access Areas with one day/week fishing starting in January 2014, with separate days for draggers (Mondays) and divers (Wednesdays). Limited Access Areas in Zone 1 & 3 are being utilized as a rebuilding tool in lieu of rotational management, while they will sunset in Zone 2 next season when the 10 Year Rotational Management Plan fully phases in. Also, many of the Limited Access Areas have been revised to open up offshore bottom where access is largely controlled by weather, thus providing more fishing opportunities and to spread the fishing fleet out.

Revised Limited Access Areas

Revised Limited Access Areas.

It is DMR’s intent to ensure the rebuilt Closed Areas (now Limited Access Areas) are sustainably harvested. DMR will be employing the aid of Marine Patrol, Port Sampling and Sea Sampling personnel to make direct observations on harvest rates (Catch Per Unit Effort, % and time vessels reach the daily limit, ≥75% of harvest comprised of sublegal scallops, etc.) throughout the season as well as communicating directly with industry. Emergency rule-making authority will be used if necessary to prevent unusual damage to the resource from occurring in the Limited Access Areas in order to protect the resource from complete depletion. Therefore, a trigger mechanism of 30-40% harvest of the biomass from Limited Access Areas will ensure the resource can naturally replace what is removed.


The Limited Access Areas will open in January 2014 for harvest on one day per week:

  • Mondays for Draggers (YELLOW in Season Calendars)
  • Wednesdays for Divers (BLUE in Season Calendars)

Maine Scallop Limited Access Areas

Limited Access Areas for 2013-14 Season.


Casco Bay Limited Access Area

Damariscotta/Sheepscott River Limited Access Area

Muscongus/West Pen Bay Limited Access Area

Southeast Harbor Limited Access Area

MDI Limited Access Area

Gouldsboro Limited Access Area

The Reach Limited Access Area

Machias Limited Access Area

Whitings and Dennys Bay Limited Access Area