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Clarification Concerning Requirement for Possession of a Federal Multispecies Permit for the Northern Shrimp Fishery

If a vessel fishes in federal waters exclusively for shrimp and retains no other species other than Longhorn sculpin, then a federal multispecies permit is not needed.

If a vessel intends on landing multispecies bycatch, (the only species allowed for Maine are silver hake and offshore hake), then they need a Category A DAS Permit or an Open Access Category K Groundfish Permit.

Sector and Common Pool boats are covered by their Category A DAS permits. Other vessels can apply for the Category K Groundfish Permit by calling the National Marine Fisheries Service at 978-281-9370.

For more information contact: Terry Stockwell (207-624-6553) or Maine Marine Patrol Division I (207-633-9595) or Division II (207-667-3373).