School Choice Meeting Agenda - Sept. 17, 2012

Outcomes - Goals for the meeting

  1. Understand the charge to the Stakeholder Group
  2. Establish meeting norms
  3. Understand the school choice options available to Maine’s K-12 students today
  4. Develop consensus around broad principles that should inform school choice policy in Maine
  5. Develop a list of issues that must be considered in developing a choice model
  6. Plan next steps and schedule next meeting(s)


3 p.m. - Welcome, introductions, and review of the agenda and charge to the panel

3:10 p.m. - Review of proposed meeting norms, discussion and decision

3:25 p.m. - Commissioner describes school choice options available in Maine today

3:40 p.m. - Discussion of current school choice options, requests for further information

4 p.m. - Discussion of key questions to help guide the development of a public school choice model for Maine

  • What is the public policy goal that a public school choice model is intended to achieve?
    • A public school choice model should do what?
  • What are the issues that the must be considered in the development of a public school choice model?
    • Funding of school choice programs
    • Transportation of students, specifically special education students
    • Establishing responsibility for the provision of special education services to choice students
    • Ensuring choice options for disadvantaged students
  • Discuss and determine the goals of the choice model to be developed
  • Discuss and determine stakeholder group information needs

4:45 p.m. - Discuss next steps and schedule next meeting. How would the stakeholder group like to move forward with its work?

5 p.m. - Adjourn