School districts make decisions about the identification of additional resources that will support teachers and students in their learning and understanding in mathematics. Materials on this page can assist local schools in their efforts.

  • Professional Development Resources for Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). These professional development resources have been created and used within the State of Maine to support efforts in understanding and implementing the CCSSM, which is incorporated into the Maine Learning Results.
  • National Resources for Mathematics. This collection of national materials supports teachers and students in their learning and understanding of mathematics.
  • Instruction & Curriculum. Implementation is entirely a local decision. These resources may support teachers and students in their learning and understanding in mathematic at the local level.
  • Common Core Resources. Various national organizations and groups supporting the CCSSM developed these materials.
  • Mathematics Listserv. The Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance sponsors a listserv for math educators in Maine. Free membership in this list connects you with math teachers around the state. Many organizations, including the Maine Department of Education, use the Maine math listserv to get information out to teachers.
  • Mathematics Education Membership Organizations. A list of state and national mathematics education membership organizations.
  • Maine DOE Data Warehouse. This powerful tool can help educators improve student achievement and the public learn more about Maine’s schools. In addition to hosting the State’s school report cards, the Data Warehouse offers accessible, understandable data on test scores, school spending, student and staff populations, and much more.
  • Center for Best Practice. The Department's Center for Best Practice, supported by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, was established to focus on research and reporting related to proficiency-based systems in Maine. It will serve as a clearinghouse of materials, support and case studies related to learner-centered instructional practices.
  • Maine School Performance Grading System. The State of Maine introduced the Maine School Performance Grading System in May 2013 so students, parents, the public and others could easily understand how their schools are doing, just as report cards help parents understand how their kids are doing.