As part of the Maine Department of Education’s commitment to supporting schools in the delivery of effective K-12 physical education instructional programs, this page provides resources to support implementation of Maine’s physical education standards. The State's physical education standards are part of the Health Education and Physical Education Standards in the Maine Learning Results.

Maine based the development of its physical education standards on the national standards created by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). How schools implement State standards is entirely a local decision.

State Standards

Quality prekindergarten through diploma physical education provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to support participation in a variety of physical activities that contribute to an active lifestyle. Physical education provides building blocks for motor skill development and analysis, physical fitness, stress reduction, decision-making and positive social skills. Students learn to assess and set goals, evaluate their own physical fitness and use this knowledge to maintain or improve their current fitness level. Students who participate in physical education on a regular basis learn the benefits of physical activity, including its contribution to academic success and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Maine's Physical Education Standards (RTF, 534KB). The physical education standards and performance indicators for grades prekindergarten through 12 are included in the Maine Learning Results.

National Standards

  • NASPE Standards. The NASPE standards, "Moving into the Future: National Standards for Physical Education," for K-12 physical education reflect current thinking on what students should know and be able to do as a result of a quality physical education program.