Presented in 2014-2015

  • Proficiency-based Diplomas: Extension or Confirmation? Provides information that clarifies the distinctions between each of the proficiency-based diploma readiness options and provides tips for navigating the approval process for seeking one of these options. Transcript of the webinar is being developed and will be posted when it is available.

Presented in 2013

  • Developing Effective Graduation Standards and Performance Indicators In this webinar, participants learn about the fundamental components of an effective proficiency-based teaching and learning system. In a proficiency-based classroom, teachers target standards as their instructional foci, participants also learn how to identify graduation standards—those skills and concepts that are at the heart of a discipline—as well as the performance indicators that students must achieve to demonstrate proficiency of graduation standards.
    (Great Schools Partnership webinar)
  • Using Essential Questions and Learning Targets in Unit Design In this webinar, participants learn how to develop the basic instructional building blocks of a successful proficiency-based curriculum: essential questions and daily learning targets that will not only keep students interested, focused and motivated, but also provide the foundation for effective formative assessment. (Great Schools Partnership webinar)
  • Best Practices in Grading & Reporting. This webinar helps participants adopt and use grading practices that are more consistent and coherent and that are focused on helping all students achieve proficiency and meet high learning expectations. While altering grading systems may require changes in record keeping, assessment practices, software and report cards, a thoughtfully considered process can help your school transition incrementally and without confusion. (Great Schools Partnership webinar)