Maine Educator Talent Pool

The Maine Educator Talent Pool is a group of teachers and principals who may be considered for membership on local and state advisory boards and task forces, along with special recognition opportunities through the Maine Department of Education.

Talent Pool members stack up with the nation's best educators. They inspire their students and exhibit strong leadership potential.  Talent pool membership alternates each year between educators of grades K-5 and 6-12.


Do you know that teacher or principal who embodies the best of the education profession? Recommend him or her for membership on the Maine Educator Talent Pool.

For 2014, the Talent Pool will be seeking elementary level educators (K-5) relatively new to the profession, with five to 18 years of experience, who show unusual instructional and leadership ability.

The recommendation period for the 2014 Talent Pool is closed. Please check back in January 2015 to recommend an educator for the 2015 Talent Pool.



Jennifer Pooler
Special Projects Manager