Forms & Reporting

The following are the forms that the Maine Department of Education Special Services team requires, forms that are for local use as required and forms for local use that are optional.

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Due Date Reporting Item
June 30, 2013 Local Entitlement Report of Final Expenditures
September 15, 2013 Local Entitlement Application
October 30, 2013 Local Entitlement Year End Report
June 30, 2014 2013-14 Special Education Exit Certification
September 15, 2014 Local Entitlement Application
September 30, 2014 Special Education Tuition & Board Report (EF-S 07)
October 30, 2014 Local Entitlement Year End Report
October 31, 2014 Report of Services to Students with Disabilities Parts I & II (EF-S-05)


As Required

Due Date Reporting Item
Advance Written Notice of IEP/IFSP Team Meeting
Documentation for Excusal of IEP Team Member whose Curriculum Area IS Being Discussed
Documentation of Agreement of Non-Attendance for IEP Team Member whose Curriculum Area IS NOT Being Discussed
Form for the Determination of Adverse Effect on Educational Performance
Individualized Education Program (effective 8/1/2014)
Individualized Education Program (past 8/1/2012)
Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)
Learning Disability Evaluation Report
Parental Consent for Evaluation
Parental Consent to Invite Other Agencies to IEP Meetings - Postsecondary Goals & Transition Services
October 15, 2014 Request for Special Education Contract Approval (EF-S-03)
Request for Surrogate Parent
December 31, 2014 Request for Tuition Placement of Students with Disabilities (EF-S-01) **Required at time of placement**
Speech/Language Eligibility Criteria
State Agency Client Request for Reimbursement Report (EF-S-04A-B)
Summary of Performance
Surrogate Parent Volunteer Application
Written Notice



Reporting Item
Determination of Adverse Effect Information Sheet
Due Process Dispute Resolution Request
Due Process Hearing Request
Due Process Systemic Complaint Request
Severity Rating Scales/Guidelines for Speech/Language Commnications Services
Teacher Input-Articulation
Teacher Input-Fluency
Teacher Input-Functional Communication
Teacher Input-Language
Teacher Input-Voice