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Fire Sprinkler Permit Expiration Date

Every Fire Sprinkler System Permit has an expiration date on it. This expiration date is always at midnight of the day that is 6 months from the date the permit is issued. Does this mean that the project must be completed by that date? No, it doesn't. So then, what does it mean?

The significance of the expiration date is that the project must be started before the expiration date. During the 6-month time period it is possible that newer codes or rules may have been adopted, such that the newer regulations may be in place that might have requirements different from what was originally permitted. The fire sprinkler industry should alert their clients that if the project is not started before the expiration date, then a new fire sprinkler system permit is required. This also means a new permit fee would be required.

The expiration date may be extended with communication to our office if it is anticipated that the project would begin within a reasonable time after the expiration date. Once the installation begins, the permit is good for the duration of the project, regardless of how long it takes for the installation, as long as the work is fairly continuous and substantial. If the installation ceases before completion, and the job is expected to lie dormant for at least 6 months, then call our office to discuss the situation. It is possible that the remainder of the project will then need a new permit before commencing in the future.

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