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Federal Buildings & Exemption from Permits

The Fire Sprinkler Law mandates regulation of the fire sprinkler industry within the State of Maine. The law does not give exceptions for private homes, non-profits, municipal, or state buildings. All sprinkler work done in Maine involving more than 6 sprinkler heads must be done by a Licensed Fire Sprinkler Contractor, and that Contractor must obtain a permit for each job from this office before installation. For renovation jobs, the permit is required for more than 20 sprinkler heads. (The legal document is found in Maine Statutes, Title 32, Chapter 20, Sections 1371 through 1382.) Failure to do so is grounds to lose your license to do fire sprinkler work in Maine.

Federal jobs however, may or may not require a fire sprinkler permit from the State as explained below:

Any Federal buildings licensed with the Maine Department of Human Services, (such as hospitals, nursing homes & day care centers) that are to have fire sprinkler work, will require a fire sprinkler permit from our office.

Any Federal buildings on Federal land for Federal use that are to have fire sprinkler work, will not be required to obtain a fire sprinkler permit from our office, and also, the person or company doing the work is not required to be licensed with the State as a fire sprinkler contractor. These buildings include airplane hangars, military housing, and other buildings used for military purposes on a military base

If a Federal building is to have fire sprinkler work, and that building is leased for private use, and/or is not on Federal property, and/or is for public use, such as a building to be used as a Post Office, then a fire sprinkler permit is required from our office