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Archived material. This page is no longer maintained.

Welcome to the
Center for Inquiry on Literacy

Some say it is no coincidence
that the question mark is an inverted plow;
breaking up the hard soil of old beliefs
 and preparing for new growth.
--Saul Alinsky

Inquiry, as Saul Alinsky alludes to above, involves asking questions, and in the process of searching for answers, constructing new learning.  As teachers, we encourage our students to having inquiring minds, to investigate their world in search of answers to their questions.  As educators, we should conduct ongoing inquiries of our own to insure we are improving our practice and positively impacting children's education.  The Maine Department of Education's Center for Inquiry on Literacy serves as a support to such professional investigation.  The Center for Inquiry on Literacy seeks to provide:

BulletCollaborative support to schools exploring literacy issues

BulletOpportunities for sustained and reflective examinations of literacy practices

BulletA resource center for research based literacy practices

BulletProfessional development opportunities related to literacy

BulletInput into literacy policies and reform initiatives

Please direct any inquiries or questions to:

Lee Ann Larsen, Maine Department of Education, or

Jaci Holmes, Maine Department of Education