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Updated 9/25/12 gb

Resources - Translator and Interpreter Services*

Interpreter Services and Electronic Media

House of Languages (Portland, Maine) provides translation and interpreting services in more than 17 languages, consultations on language access and working with interpreters, and interpreter training. 207 423-9962 or see website
Maine State Interpreters - full service interpreting and translating services 207-221-0740 or 207-450-6035
The Association of Maine Interpreters and Translators - includes a current list of statewide interpreters and translators see website
Language Line Services - full service, over 170 languages 1-800-752-6096
TransACT Communications, Inc. Mulkiteo, WA - Parent notifications 425-348-5000
Transperfect International Translation Services - services in over 100 languages 617-523-6936
Pacific Interpreters Portland, OR - services in over 180 languages 1-800-311-1232
Avalon Language Services Technical translation in 62 languages 1-800-401-9639
wintranslation Professional Translation Services - Quality translations in over 70 languages - Ottawa, Canada 1-877-742-5982

Choice Translating & Interpreting, Inc. Charlotte, NC

LEP - A Federal Interagency Website - Interpretation and Translation  

On-Line Dictionaries Multiple Languages


SDL International free instant translation





"Working Effectively with Spoken Language Interpreters - Tips and Considerations" Dolgormaa Hersom, January 2011. Dolgormaa Hersom was the Project Director of LANA - Language Access for New Americans, which closed in 2011. Length: 1:04

View session | Download the presentation

     Language List - countries in which various languages are spoken

     Additional Interpreting Resources from Migration Policy Institute:

COMMUNICATING MORE FOR LESS:  Using Translation and Interpretation Technology to Serve Limited English Proficient Individuals (pdf)

MPI webinar, 1/25/11: Using Translation and Interpretation Technology to Serve Limited English Proficient individuals

View the MPI webinar PowerPoint (pdf)



Bilingual Dictionaries

Approved bilingual dictionaries for use with the MEA and NECAP:


(For questions concerning assessment accommodations, please go to the website for the specific assessment and use the contact information therein.)


Outside resource - Bilingual Dictionaries -

P.O. Box 1154

Murietta, CA  92562

951 461 6893

Publishers of the “Word to Word Bilingual Dictionary Series” in 26 languages, each containing 18,000-22,000 entries.  Also offer Bilingual Dictionaries from other publishers, Children's Bilingual Picture Dictionaries, Children's Bilingual Stories, and a “Basic English” ESL Program.


Interpreter Services Blog

Supported by Catholic Charities Maine -

Social Services

Refugee and Immigration Services/Interpreting Catholic Charities, Portland, ME 207-523-2700 or 1-866-200-3963

Accuworld - translation, typesetting, interpretation, intercultural training and destination services



*This is not an exhaustive list.  The listing does not suggest Maine Department of Education endorsement of any service provider listed above.