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Funding Outlook and Financial Strategies

The purpose of this page is to provide updates on the outlook for state subsidy to K-12 school systems and also information and updates on financial strategies, such as the strategies identified by superintendents at the Augusta 2009 summit and subsequent meetings.

Funding Outlook

Preliminary Subsidy Amounts for FY 2011-12
General Purpose Aid for school districts based on the current GPA amount in the Governor's proposed biennial budget for 2011-12 and 2012-13.

Informational Letter #68
Preliminary General Purpose Aid for Local Schools (GPA) funding for FY 2011-12

March 19, 2010 Revised Preliminary Subsidy Amounts
New spreadsheet shows individual SAU subsidy amounts reflecting an additional $5 million restoration to GPA

March 3, 2010 Revised Preliminary Subsidy Amounts
These amounts reflect the Governor's March 3, 2010 proposed Change Package.

On November 20, 2009, Governor Baldacci issued a curtailment order that included $38 million in district-level reductions in local education education subsidies for the current (FY 2009-10) year. This requires further legislative action before going into effect. On December 18, 2009, he submitted a supplemental budget for FY 2010 and FY 2011 that includes the FY 2010 curtailment and a $35 million reduction for FY 2011.

The chart and spreadsheet below show statewide projected education subsidies, pending final legislative action.

Projections for FY2012 are necessarily preliminary and assume only maintenance of the new base level of subsidy, but it is too early to determine what action the Governor and Legislature will take and what state revenues will be in those years.

See below for printer-friendly version.

Revised to reflect Legislature's FY 10-11 final enacted budget (03-30-10)

bar chart



Print version of Summary of all Reorganization and Alternative Plans

Statewide financial indicators
Historical funding and spending information

Essential Programs and Services Funding Level information

Education funding law implementation
Detailed and technical chart prepared by Jim Rier, director of finance and operations, showing funding levels, total cost of education, funding levels since FY 2005

Finances and Financial Strategies

Update: Financial Strategies in Difficult Times (Informational Letter #31, September 23, 2009)

Unfunded Mandates Review: The Department was required by law, to conduct a review of unfunded mandates pertaining to school administrative units (SAUs). Commissioner Gendron presented the Unfunded Mandates Report to the Committee in February 2009. The Department went beyond the requirement in law and reported on other education requirements and costs that create real burdens for school systems, even if they did not meet the legal definition of “unfunded mandate.” The report includes an appendix of comments and suggestions from the field on perceived or real burdens.

Commissioner Gendron is expected to report back to the committee in early 2010 with additional research requested by the Committee and specific recommendations for legislative action.