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No Child Left Behind - Accountability

The No Child Left Behind Act, which was a reauthorization of the former, and still existing, Elementary and Secondary Education Act, requires that schools be measured by the percentage of students proficient in Maine’s Learning Results standards. Each year, a higher percentage of students were expected to meet the standards, until by 2013-14, 100 percent of students would meet them.

Maine, like more than 40 other states, has submitted a request to the U.S. Department of Education for ESEA Flexibility – a waive to allow the state to set more realistic and fair targets that take into account where a school is at, and its population. For more information see the Accountability and Improvement section of this website.


Adequate Yearly Progress

To make “Adequate Yearly Progress” or “AYP” under the current federal system of accountability, schools must meet targets each year.