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No Child Left Behind-Title V

Program Director:    Dennis Kunces  624-6815


Since July 1, 2009,  Title V is no longer funded. 

Districts that have REAP-Flex capabilities can set up Title V projects using funding from Title IIA Teacher Quality.



School Year 2009-10:

1. There is no Title V funding.

2. You can not transfer into Title V. 

3. Eligible SAUs may REAP- Flex their funds uses the programs allowed under Title V


Guidance dealing with Title V equipment in Non-public schools were issued by the Federal DOE to help SAUs decide its use and disposal.  posted 4/10/09


Notice: For those who transferred funds into Title V during the 08-09 school year

Title VA of NCLB Innovative Education was not funded during school year 2008-09.  Funds were allowed to be transferred into Title V to give SAUs a Title V allocation.  Since Title V was last funded in school year 07-08 that means that any 08-09 or earlier funds transferred into Title V will need to be encumbers (spent or the services already provided) by September 30, 2009.  This means the funds only have a life of 15 months compared to the usual time frame of 27 months.  Any Title VA funds left in accounts after September 30, 2009 will have to be returned. 


This process does not apply to funds REAP-Flexed for use in Title V projects as those funds stay in the account that they were issued but just have the ability to be used for projects under another Title and exist for the normal 27 month period.


If you have any concerns please contact Dennis Kunces at 624-6815 or via email  Posted 1/27/09


School Year 2008-09 -

Title V has not been funded by Congress. 

You can still transfer to Title V and those eligible can REAP-Flex

using their funds in Title V allowable projects.


Title V Guidance Updated 6/8/07


School year 07-08 Title V Final Awards posted 7/18/07

School Year 06-07 Title V Final Awards Posted 7/11/06

School Year 05-06 Title V Grant Amounts Posted 9/13/05

Final Allocations FY 05  6/10/04

Final Allocations for FY04