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Maine's Induction Guide


Maine's Draft Induction Guide in PDF  induction guide draft

Maine's Draft Induction Guide in RTF induction guide draft


Maine’s Induction Program Standards with Indicators

  1. Supporting policies and procedures for a district induction program are provided.

    • Board policies and district procedures exist to support the local induction program.
    • Incentives exist for mentors.
    • Time is provided for mentor and beginning teacher to meet weekly and observe in other classrooms periodically.
    • Beginning teacher assignments and schedules are equitable.
    • A provision is in place for content mentoring.

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2. School district shareholders form a team that designs an induction program.

    • A multi-representative team designs the induction program and identifies the process for creating an induction committee that will manage and assess the induction program.

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3. Mentor teachers are selected based on well-defined selection criteria and process, and are matched with beginning teachers following a prescribed procedure.

    • Written criteria for selecting mentors are identified and potential mentors complete an application.
    • An induction committee selects mentors with input from the building principal.
    • Grade level, content, location, and compatibility of individual style of mentor are considered when matching mentor and beginning teacher.
    • An exit plan exists in the event that matches do not work.

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4. Procedures for mentors are established.

    • Roles and responsibilities for coaching/mentoring are defined.
    • Three days of mentor training are provided that include: the needs of beginning teachers as adult learners, Maine’s Teaching Standards, active listening and questioning skills, cognitive coaching, classroom observation data collection, teachers’ developmental stages, leadership styles, and the nature of the mentoring relationship
    • Mentors are provided on-going professional development that includes time to work with other mentors to improve their knowledge and skills related to coaching and mentoring, and regular updating of mentor training.

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5. Professional Development/Support is provided throughout the year for beginning teachers.

    • Before school begins an orientation session for beginning teachers is held with their mentors in attendance, to discuss the district induction program and other district policies and procedures.
    • Two to three days of professional development are offered to beginning teachers designed to meet their expressed needs.
    • Beginning teachers and their mentors participate in the coaching cycle a minimum of three times during the school year using Maine’s Teaching Standards.

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6. An evaluation of the induction program is conducted.

    • An annual evaluation of the district induction program based on the induction standards and indicators is conducted by the induction committee.
    • The criteria for success of the district induction program are identified and used to analyze the results of the annual assessment and to make appropriate improvements to the program.

Resources for Standard 6

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