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Bibliography of Mentoring Materials

*“Being an Effective Mentor” by Kathleen Feeney Jonson; Corwin Press, 2002.-Great resource for mentors, activities and forms.


“Being Mentored: A Guide for Proteges” by Hal Portner; Corwin Press, 2002.


 *“Beyond Mentoring: Comprehensive Induction Programs” by Jon Saphier, Susan Freedman, Barbara Aschheim; TEACHERS21, 2001, Helpful to create a mentor program.


“Cooperative Learning” by Spencer Kagan, Kagan Cooperative Learning, 1992.


“Cooperative Learning” by Barrie Bennett, Carol Rolheiser-Bennett, and Laurie Stevahn, Educational Connection, 1991.


“Differentiated Instructional Strategies”, by Gayle H. Gregory and Carolyn Chapman, Corwin Press, 2002.


“Enhancing Professional Practice”; Danielson; ASCD, 1996.


“Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth”; Burens; Corwin Press, 2000.


“How To Be An Effective Teacher: The First Days of School”; by Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong; Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc., 1998


“How To Develop a Professional Portfolio: A Manual for Teachers” by Dorothy M. Campbell, Pamela Cignetti, Beverly Melenyzer, Diane Nettles, and Richard Wyman: Allyn and Bacon, 2001.


“High Performance Mentoring”; Rowley; Corwin Press, 2000.


“How To Make Presentations That Teach and Transform”, by Robert J. Garmston and Bruce M. Wellman: ASCD, 1992.


“How to Mentor in the Midst of Change”; Sullivan; ASCD, 1992.


“Leadership for Learning”; Glickman; ASCD, 2002


“Leading Every Day”; Kaser, Mundly, Stiles, Loukes-Horsley; Corwin Press, 2002.


“Leading the Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program”; Sweeny; Skylight Professional Development, 2001.


“Life Cycle of the Career Teacher”; Edited by Stefly, Wolfe,Pasch, Eng; Corwin Press,2000.


“Mentoring”; Shea; Crisp Publications, 1992.


“Mentoring: A Resource and Training Guide for Educators” ; order, call: Danny Torres @ 415-615-3144.


“Mentoring Programs  for New Teachers”; Villani; Corwin Press, 2002


“Mentoring Matters” by Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman, MiraVia, LLC., 2001.


“Mentoring New Teachers” by Hal Portner; Corwin Press, 2003.


 “Teaching 101”; by Jeffrey Glanz; Corwin Press, 2004.


Partners In Education, South Carolina State University, Spring 2003, Volume 3, Issue 1.


“Quality Mentoring for Novice Teachers”; edited by Odell, Hurling; Association of Teacher Educators,2000.


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“Tapping the Potential”, Alliance For Excellent Education,


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“Mentoring Matters”; Lipton, Wellman; MiraVia,LLC, 2001


“ The Best Beginning Teacher Experience”; Kortman, Honker;  Kendall-Hunt, 2002.


“The  Mentor Teacher Casebook”, Edited by Judith Shulman and Joel Colbert,  Far West Laboratory and ERIC Clearinghouse, 1987


“The Schooling Practices That Matter Most” by Kathleen Cotton; ASCD, 2000.


“What Every Teacher Should Know: The 10 Book Collection”; by Donna Walker Tileston; Corwin Press, 2004.


 “What Successful Teachers Do”; by Neal A. Glasgow and Cathy D. Hicks; Corwin Press, 2003.


“Who’s Teaching Your Children?” by Vivian Troen and Katherine C. Boles, Yale University Press, 2003.


“21st  Century Mentor’s Handbook”, by Paula Rutherford, Just ASK Publications, 2005.