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Special Election HD 24

Forms and Instructions

Political Action Committees and Political Party Committees will be required to file Special Election Campaign Finance Reports on paper forms. Only contributions and/or expenditures made for the purpose of influencing the House District 24 Special Election need be reported.

All financial activity disclosed in these reports must also be reported in the committees' next regularly scheduled campaign finance report.

For copies of blank PAC, party committee, and independent expenditure reporting forms, please contact Cindy Sullivan. For candidate forms, please contact Tyler Backus.


PAC, State and Local Party Forms for the Special Election in House District 24

Filing Schedule for HD24 Special Election for PACs, State and Local Party Committees

Campaign Finance Report for State Party Committees

Campaign Finance Report for Local Party Committees

Campaign Finance Report for Political Action Committees

24 Hour Report for PAC's, State and Local Party Committes


Independent Expenditure Report

Independent Expenditure Report Special Election HD24 (updated October 3, 2011)


Membership Communication Report

Membership Communication Report for Special Election HD24

Maine Education Association Membership Communications posted November 14, 2011

Maine AFL-CIO Membership Communications posted December 20, 2011



Candidate Registrations and Filed Reports

Available on the Campaign Finance Public Disclosure Site


PAC Reports

Report Type
Date Filed
Filer Name
View Report
11-Day Pre Election 10/28/2011 Republican Speaker's Fund
42-Day post Election 12/20/2011 House Democratic Capaign Committee
42-Day post Election 12/20/2011 Republican Speaker's Fund


Party Reports

Report Type
Date Filed
Filer Name
View Report
11- Day Pre-Election 10/28/2011 Maine Democratic State Committee
42 Day Post Election 12/13/2011 Maine Democratic State Committee


Reports of Independent Expenditures

Reference Number
Date Filed
Filer Name
View Report
1 10/25/2011 Maine Democratic State Committee
2 10/28/2011 Republican Speaker's Fund