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Disclosure of Sources of Income

By February 15 of each year, Legislators must file with the Commission a statement of sources of income for income received in the preceding calendar year. The statement must include the source of:

  • income received through employment by another or through self-employment
  • income received from any other sources (e.g., interest, dividends, capital gains, pensions, etc.)
  • gifts and honoraria
  • income received by a spouse, domestic partner or dependent child
  • compensation received by the Legislator, spouse, domestic partner or dependent child for representing another person before a state agency.

The statement must also list reportable liabilities, state agencies to which the Legislator or an immediate family member sold goods or services, and positions in any for-profit or nonprofit corporation, firm, association, partnership or business held by the Legislator or a member of the Legislator's immediate family. Only sources of income, not amounts, are disclosed in the statement.

To view the completed statements of sources of income click here. For more information, refer to the Legislative Ethics Law or call the Commission at 287-4179.