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Legal Definitions of "Gift" and "Honorarium"
(1 M.R.S.A. § 1012(4))

"Gift" giver. "Gift" does not include:

  1. Gifts received from a single source during the reporting period with an aggregate value of $300 or less;
  2. A bequest or other form of inheritance;
  3. A gift received from a relative or from an individual on the basis of a personal friendship as long as that individual is not a registered lobbyist or lobbyist associate under Title 3, section 313, unless the Legislator has reason to believe that the gift was provided because of the Legislator’s official position and not because of a personal friendship;
  4. A subscription to a newspaper, news magazine or other news publication;
  5. Legal services provided in a matter of legislative ethics;
  6. A meal, if the meal is a prayer breakfast or a meal served during a meeting to establish a prayer breakfast; or
  7. A meal, if the meal is provided by industry or special interest organizations as part of the informational program presented to a group of public servants.

"Honorarium" means a the Legislature.

Page last updated to include law changes effective September 12, 2009