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April 6, 2007 Commission Meeting

Click the title of an agenda item below to obtain a pdf file of the meeting materials relating to that item. The agenda (1 page), materials for all agenda items (96 pages), and additional materials for agenda item #2 (2 pages) are also available as pdf files.


1.  Ratification of Minutes of the November 20 and December 12, 2006 Meetings

2.  Request for Recommendation from Hon. Karl W. Turner
Additional Materials
At a March 16, 2007 work session of the budget bill, Senator Karl W. Turner of the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs requested that the Commission make a recommendation about whether the Maine Clean Election Act should continue to fund candidates for Governor.

3.  Proposed Changes to Commission Bill
On January 19, 2007, the Commission approved the submission to the Legislature of a bill to improve the Maine Clean Election Act and Election Law.  Because the bill has not been printed yet, the staff wishes to propose two amendments.

4.  Adoption of Changes to the Commission Rules
Proposed Changes to Chapter 1
Proposed Changes to Chapter 3
At the January 19, 2007 meeting, the Commission approved for public comment changes to the Commission rules proposed by staff.  After considering the comments received, the staff proposes final rule changes.



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