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September 21, 2007 Commission Meeting

Click the title of an agenda item below to obtain a pdf file of the meeting materials relating to that item. The agenda (2 pages) and materials for all agenda items (87 pages) are also available as pdf files.

1. Ratification of Minutes of the August 13, 2007 Meeting

2. Recommended Referral of Rep. William R. Walcott to Maine Attorney General for Misuse of Public Funds
Rep. William R. Walcott (House District 72, representing a part of Lewiston) was a Maine Clean Election Act (MCEA) candidate in the 2006 elections and was re-elected to a third term. In 2006, he received a total of $4,874 in MCEA funds, and reported making campaign expenditures totaling $2,933. After he was late in returning unspent campaign funds, the Commission staff selected him for an audit because of concerns about possible non-compliance. Rep. Walcott has advised the Commission staff that he spent the MCEA funds he received, but not on his 2006 campaign. He has also advised that all of his reported expenditures were false and that, in fact, he made no expenditures in connection with his 2006 campaign. Staff recommendation: the staff recommends referring this matter to the Maine Attorney General for consideration whether to initiate criminal prosecution.

3. Recommended Referral of Benjamin Meiklejohn to Maine Attorney General for Collection of Late-Filing Penalty
Benjamin Meiklejohn was a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives in 2006. He was late filing his post-election report due December 19, 2006, and the amount of the statutory penalty was $197.02. He made a payment of $100 and submitted a written note stating that he would pay the remaining $97.02 in April 2007. The Commission has not received the payment. The staff has sent recent communications requesting payment but received no response. Staff recommendation: the staff recommends referring the unpaid $97.02 penalty to the Maine Attorney General for collection.

4. Staff Proposals on Legislation
The staff recommends that the Commission submit two bills to the Legislature before the October 3, 2007 deadline for agency legislation to address issues that have arisen since the 2006 general election.

5. Procedures for Commission Meetings and Hearings
Commission member Mavourneen Thompson has recommended that the Commission adopt procedures for the conduct of Commission meetings. The staff has prepared an outline of issues that could be addressed and has some suggestions on the format of the written procedures.

6. Presentation of Audit Reports for Rep. Jonathan B. McKane, Randall Greenwood, and Clayton Haskell
The Commission's auditor will present audit reports for three 2006 legislative candidates. In the case of Rep. Jonathan B. McKane, the staff recommends a finding of violation that he did not obtain vendor invoices for two expenditures totaling $143 as required by 21-A M.R.S.A. 1125(12-B) and assessing no civil penalty. The audits of the two other candidates disclosed no exceptions (violations).

7. Maine Clean Election Act Violation of Overspending by $253/Anne P. Graham
Anne P. Graham was a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives in 2006. As a Maine Clean Election Act candidate, she was permitted to spend only $5,370.78. Instead, her campaign spending exceeded that amount by $253. Ms. Graham states that the error was unintentional and due to a late bill for a newspaper advertisement. Staff recommendation: the staff recommends finding that she violated 21-A M.R.S.A. 1127(1) by spending money to promote her campaign other than the MCEA funds she received. The staff recommends assessing a penalty of $125 to underscore the importance of the requirement that candidates spend only MCEA funds.

8. Selection of Meeting Dates
The staff recommends that the Commission choose a date for the October meeting and consider whether it wishes to meet on a regular day of the month (e.g., the second Wednesday).

Other Business

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