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February 11, 2008 Commission Meeting

Click the title of an agenda item below to obtain a pdf file of the meeting materials relating to that item. The agenda (1 page) and materials for all agenda items (26 pages) are also available as pdf files.

1.  Request for Waiver of Late-Filing Penalty/Katherine D. Pelletreau
Katherine D. Pelletreau is the Executive Director of the Maine Association of Health Plans, and was registered as a lobbyist for the association in 2007.  She was required to file an annual report on December 31, 2007.  She was two days late.  The amount of the statutory penalty is $200.  Ms. Pelletreau requests a waiver of the penalty because she was on leave from her work through December 31, 2007 due to a medical situation in her family.  Staff recommendation: the staff recommends assessing a reduced penalty of $50.

2.  Proposed Rule Amendment
The Joint Standing Committee on Legal and Veterans Affairs has requested that the Commission adopt a rule which would allow candidates to re-use signs from a previous election without updating the disclosure statement printed on the signs regarding who paid for the signs.

3.  Proposed Investigation of 2006 Candidate Debra J. Reagan
Debra J. Reagan was a 2006 candidate for the Maine House of Representatives.  She is the only candidate who has not returned unspent Maine Clean Election Act funds to the Commission.  After promising to make monthly payments in July 2007, the candidate has not reliably paid the promised amounts.  Currently, the candidate owes $3,390.  Staff recommendation: the staff requests authority to investigate whether Ms. Reagan misused Maine Clean Election Act funds and to demand payment in full.

Other Business

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