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August 25, 2008 Commission Meeting

Click the title of an agenda item below to view a pdf file of the meeting materials relating to that item. This agenda (2 pages) is also available as a pdf file.

1.  Ratification of Minutes of the July 28, 2008 Meeting

2.  Request for Waiver of Late Filing Penalty/Candidate Mark Remick
Mark Remick is a candidate for the State Senate, District 28.  He was required to file a post-primary election campaign finance report on July 22, 2008.  He did not file the report on the filing deadline, and received a reminder telephone call from the Commission staff.  He attempted to file the report on July 23, but experienced difficulty because he was using the Fire Fox internet browser.  He filed the report two days late on July 24.  Based on the formula in the Election Law, the amount of the preliminary penalty is $386.51.  Staff recommendation: the staff recommends reducing the penalty to $50, because a penalty of $386.51 is disproportionate to the harm suffered by the public from the late disclosure and because of the internet browser issue.

3.  Permissibility of Maine Clean Election Act Expenditures/Candidate Dana Kadey
The Commission staff seeks guidance from the Commission regarding the permissibility of some campaign expenditures by Dana Kadey, a Maine Clean Election Act candidate running for State Senate, District 29.

4.  Maine Clean Election Act Violation/Candidate Gary Pelletier
Gary Pelletier was a Maine Clean Election Act (MCEA) candidate in the Democratic primary election in Senate District #35.  The staff has made a preliminary finding that Mr. Pelletier spent $245.23 more than was permitted under the MCEA.  Staff recommendation: the staff recommends that the Commission find Mr. Pelletier in violation of the MCEA and assess a civil penalty of $50 for the violation.

5.  Report on Funding for Maine Clean Election Act Program
The staff wishes to update the Commission members on funding for the Maine Clean Election Act program in the 2010 elections.  In the 2008 legislative session, the Maine Legislature approved of language in the FY 2009 budget bill directing the state to transfer a total of $4,425,000 to the Maine Clean Election Fund in May and July 2010.  The staff is preparing the Commission’s budget for FY 2010 and 2011 for consideration by the state’s Bureau of the Budget, and wishes to include the $4,425,000 transfers.

6.  Advance Planning for the 2008 Legislative Ethics Seminar
The State Attorney General and the Commission are required to provide a seminar on the legislative ethics law to the members of each Legislature.  This typically is scheduled for the first week in December after a general election.  The staff would like to confer with the Commission concerning preparations for the 2008 seminar.

Other Business

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