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October 10, 2008 Commission Meeting

Click the title of an agenda item below to view a pdf file of the meeting materials relating to that item. This agenda is also available as a pdf file.

1.  Complaint by Rep. Emily Ann Cain regarding Valerie Carr-Winocour

Rep. Emily Ann Cain has filed a complaint regarding a mailing sent by Senate candidate Valerie Carr-Winocour, who is a Maine Clean Election Act candidate for the State Senate, District 30.  The mailing includes the names and pictures of four members of the House of Representatives, along with Ms. Carr-Winocour's opponent and the Governor.  Rep. Cain argues that the mailing represents an impermissible expenditure of Maine Clean Election Act funds by a Senate candidate to influence House races.  She believes the mailing should be viewed as an independent expenditure, which would influence the matching funds calculation in one of the House races.  Valerie Carr-Winocour will respond in writing prior to the meeting and will be represented by counsel at the meeting.

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