About Us

The General Government Service Center is established to provide consolidated administrative, financial and personnel management services for the departments and agencies served by the following Service Centers; General Government, Natural Resources, Security and Employment, Corrections, Transportation and Department of Health and Human Services.

The technical assistance and support provided to the Division's customers includes accounting, auditing and budgetary functions and labor relations personnel functions. 

General Government Service Center
Kimberly A. Smith, Director
Carol Cody, Deputy Director
Patricia Beaudoin, HR Director

Natural Resources Service Center
Gilbert Bilodeau, Deputy Director
Debra Phillips, HR Director

Security and Employment Service Center
Dennis Corliss, Director
Katharine Wiltuck, Deputy Director
Susan Bell, HR Director

Corrections Service Center
Scott Ferguson, Director
Barbara Otis, Assistant Director
Charlene Gamage, HR Director

Transportation Service Center
Dennis Corliss, Director
Doreen Corum, Director of Support Services
Rebecca Greene, HR Director