Welcome to the Division of Financial and Personnel Services

The Division of Financial and Personnel Services provides fiscal and human resource management services to various departments and agencies across Maine State Government. These centralized services help ensure consistent application of: generally accepted accounting and financial practices, human resource and payroll administration statewide budgetary policy, collective bargaining agreements and position recruitment.  

State agencies are served through the following five Service Centers.

General Government Service Center
Kimberly Smith, Director                          Patricia Beaudoin, Human Resources Director
Carol Cody, Deputy Director

Corrections Service Center
Scott Ferguson, Director                          Charlene Gamage, Human Resources Director
Mitch Boynton, Asst. Director

Health and Human Services Service Center
Raymond Girouard, Director                     Don Williams, Human Resources Director
David Whitt, Deputy Director

Natural Resources Service Center
Gilbert Bilodeau, Director                          Debra Phillips, Human Resources Director

Security and Employment Service Center
Dennis Corliss, Director                             Susan Bell, Human Resources Director
Katharine Wiltuck, Deputy Director