It is time for us to take bold action. Maine has the best and brightest people to move the state forward and there is no better time to start the movement. All hard working Maine families deserve to have access to the tools that will help them realize their dreams and achieve them. My vision for Maine is one where all of our citizens prosper now and into the future.

More Jobs for Maine Families

Governor Paul LePage is working for you to get government out of the way and allow Maine’s small businesses to create jobs. It’s time to get Maine working again, and that means tearing down the roadblocks that establishment politicians have built over the past 40 years. Smaller, smarter government is the key to new jobs and financial security for Maine families.

Lower Taxes, Controlled Spending

Reducing Maine’s excessive tax burden so Maine families can keep more of their own money is the right thing to do. You know how best to spend or save your hard-earned wages, not government. Governor LePage will control state spending to guarantee lower taxes, while ensuring our highest priorities and programs for our most vulnerable neighbors are supported.

From Welfare to Opportunity

Welfare should be a temporary helping hand to get Mainers back on their feet – not a lifestyle and ticket to permanent dependence on government. Governor LePage’s Welfare reforms value productivity and the need to get Maine working. Governor LePage’s plan will make sure Mainers who need help most will be taken care of, while creating a series of benchmarks and incentives so a job becomes a better choice than welfare.

Student-Focused Education Reforms

Past education reforms have tightened the grip of union bosses and bureaucrats instead of preparing students to compete in a global economy. Together, we can create student-focused education reforms that prioritize spending so teachers, kids and classrooms have the resources for success, and will create new affordable education options for all Maine students.

Patient-Centered Health Care

Maine needs more competition in its health insurance and health care markets. Governor LePage will fight the establishment and special interests so we have more affordable health care options. Governor LePage will also reform government to make Maine’s health care system more efficient, so patients and families have peace of mind they are receiving top-notch, affordable care anywhere in the state.

Working together, we can create more opportunities, get Maine working again, build a stronger more competitive Maine, and preserve the special Maine way of life. Celebrating Maine, our time is now!

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