Domestic Violence Awareness

Combating domestic violence is a personal cause for Governor Paul R. LePage. As a victim of child abuse and advocate to end domestic violence, Governor LePage has inspired Mainers to speak about their personal stories in ways no other Governor has ever. He is passionate about making a difference and has acted on his promise to protect the people of Maine.

In 2013, Governor LePage issued an executive order establishing a new task force to address domestic violence in our State. The task force is reviewing existing laws and practices to ensure that court issued protection from abuse orders are effective in protecting victims of domestic abuse and violence.

Governor LePage has also signed a law to develop and implement an electronic pilot project for electronic monitoring of certain domestic violence abusers. In an effort to support the mission of the project he pledged $18,000 out of the Governor's contingency fund to match donations raised from the Amy, Coty, Monica Memorial 5K race/walk held in Dexter last year. The Memorial walk raised $36,000, which will go toward implementing a monitoring program.

Governor LePage has directed $100,000 to the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence from the Governor's contingency fund in the wake of federal program cuts and $10,000 to the Maine Murder Victims' Memorial in Augusta.

In addition to raising statewide awareness about these horrific crimes, Governor LePage also has championed successful efforts to amend Maine's bail code to ensure judges determine bail for domestic violence offenses and has expanded financial resources for victims and their families by requiring abusers to pay into the Victim's Compensation Fund.