"I ran for Governor because I
know how to run a business and
create jobs. During my business career,
I followed simple, but effective, rules:
you pick your team, make
your decisions and you stand
accountable for things that

I will spend every day of the
next four years working to make
Maine a better place for ALL of
our sons and daughters to find
work, to start businesses and
to stay here to raise families of
their own."

-Governor Paul R. LePage

The LePage Administration has set clear priorities that focus on creating a more prosperous place for Mainers in the State we call home. These initiatives include job creation, lowering taxes and welfare reform.

By focusing on economic development, reducing the regulatory burden and becoming a more business-friendly state, Maine can attract companies and grow jobs. Restructuring the State's tax system puts more money into hard-working Mainers' pockets, allowing them to prosper and leading to a more stable economy. Reforming welfare empowers Mainers toward economic independence and relieves pressure on the budget, which benefits not only the individuals but the State as a whole.