Creating Job Growth Through Economic Opportunities

Mainers should have access to long term, quality jobs throughout the state. While government cannot create jobs, government can help create policies that lead to job creation. The LePage Administration is committed to formulating and implementing successful workforce, community, and economic development policies and strategies, which lead to competitive wages in today's and tomorrow's industries and build stronger families and communities.

To meet this goal, state government and its partners in the private sector are working hard to attract new businesses and new investment to the state every day. Many technologically advanced companies, both large and small, call Maine home already and we will keep our focus on increasing their number in the future to provide greater employment opportunities for all Mainers. New companies and new investment mean more jobs for Maine residents and better lives for us all.

This is why we welcome job creators in our state: not only will the jobs they provide improve the communities in which they locate and the lives of employees whom they hire, but they will also help bring our state forward in its work to become more "business-friendly".