Eliminating Welfare Fraud and Abuse

The LePage Administration is committed to identifying and eliminating fraud in Welfare programs, such Medicaid and food stamps assistance. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is committed to eliminating all forms of fraud and abuse within its Welfare programs. Your help will enable us accomplish this goal.  To report fraud or abuse complete the online form here or call the Fraud Hotline number at 1-866-348-1129. All reports of fraud and abuse will be fully investigated.

Governor LePage has introduced and accomplished modest welfare reform since taking office in 2011 including placing a 5 year cap on welfare benefits, requiring drug testing for welfare recipients convicted of drug-related crimes and reducing benefits for non-citizens.

DHHS fielded 1,200 reports of possible welfare fraud and abuse in 2010. One year later, the number of reports nearly doubled to 2,100. The Administration is continuing its efforts to reduce and eliminate fraudulent activity and abuse of Maine’s Welfare programs recognizing that taxpayer dollars lost to such practices are then unavailable for providing care to those who are in need.