All-Terrain Vehicles Program

Welcome to the Department of Conservation ATV Program! We are working to help organize clubs and establish trail systems to help solve landowner/user conflicts. We have several programs designed to assist clubs, towns, and landowners.

If you are interested in starting a club or want information on existing clubs and programs you can contact the ATV Coordinator by E-mail or call 888-386-3288 in state or (207) 287-4958 out of state.

If you are looking for information on ATV registration or safety training courses please contact the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Registration Division at (207) 287-8000 or the Safety Office at (207) 287-5220.

Most of the hundreds of miles of ATV trails located throughout Maine are on private land and are maintained by local clubs. Cooperative agreements between private landowners, ATV clubs, and the Bureau's ATV Program are key to the success of the trail system.

The association organized to represent Maine ATV clubs is ATVMAINE.

It is important to note that without the use of private land, most trails wouldn't exist and your ability to ride is a privilege that is grant to you by the landowner. Please respect their wishes and their land as if it were your own: Remember that many of these trails are not open during mud season. Please call ahead before riding in the spring. TREAD LIGHTLY!

Several state-owned or leased abandoned rail beds are available for multiple use, including three-season ATV use, such as the Aroostook Valley Trail, the Bangor and Aroostook Trail, and the Jay to Farmington Trail which are all owned by the Bureau of Parks and Lands. Three additional ATV trail systems are maintained by the ATV Program. They are the Mt. Blue, Turner, and Summerhaven use areas. Many of these trails are maintained for multiple use which includes mountain biking and equestrian use.

Many of the Public Reserved Lands road systems are open to ATV use. If ATV use is allowed on a road it will be marked with a shared use sign. If there are designated ATV trail systems they will have the regular ATV trail signs on them. If roads or trails don't have these signs then ATV use is prohibited!

The Department of Inland Fish & Wildlife Game Management Areas roads are generally open to ATV use however, remember to always tread lightly and be respectful of otherusers of these properties

  • The ATV Program has funding available in the form of Club Grants and Municipal Grants to help in the construction and maintenance of atv trails. We also provide insurance to protect landowners and clubs involved with ATV trails. In addition we provide signs and have guidelines so that trails are basically all marked the same. These services are all provided at no cost as part of the program which is funded by a portion of the ATV registration fee.

Additional information and trail maps of some areas are available from the ATV Program at the Bureau of Parks and Lands, 22 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333.