Maine Lake Survey Maps - Oxford County

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Body of Water Alternate Name Location
Abbie Pond   Bowmantown Twp.
Abbot Pond   Sumner
Aziscohos Lake   Lincoln Plt.
Aziscohos Pond   Magalloway Plt.
B Pond   Upton
Back Pond 5 Kezars Stoneham
Barker Pond   Bowmantown Twp.
Barker Pond   Hiram
Bear & Little Bear Ponds   Hartford
Bear Pond   Waterford
Beaver Pond   Denmark Twp.
Beaver Pond (Little)   Magalloway Plt.
Beaver Pond   Magalloway Plt.
Bickford Pond   Porter
Billings Pond #1   Paramachenee Twp.
Billings Pond #2   Paramachenee Twp.
Birch Pond   Roxbury
Bird Pond   Norway
Black Pond   Porter
Black Pond   Fryeburg
Black Pond (Lower)   Oxbow Twp.
Black Pond (Upper)   Bowmantown Twp.
Bradley Pond   Lovell
Broken Bridge Pond   Albany Twp.
Bryant Pond   Hiram
Bryant Pond Lake Christopher Woodstock
Bunganock Pond   Hartford
Bunker Pond   Roxbury
Burnt Meadow Pond   Brownfield
C Pond   C Surplus
Canton Lake Anasagunticook Lake Hartford
Chalk Pond   Albany Twp.
Chapman Pond   Porter
Charles Pond   Fryeburg
Clay Pond   Fryeburg
Clemmons Pond (Big)   Hiram
Clemmons Pond (Little)   Hiram
Colcord Pond   Porter
Concord Pond (Big)   Woodstock
Concord Pond (Little)   Woodstock
Cranberry Pond   Magalloway Plt.
Crocker Pond   Albany Twp.
Cupsuptic Pond   Oxbow Twp.
Cushman Pond   Sumner
Cushman Pond   Lovell
Dan Charles Pond   Lovell
Duck Pond   Waterford
Ellis Pond Roxbury Pond Byron
Ellis Pond (Little)   Byron
Farrington Pond   Lovell
Forest Pond   Canton
Furlong Pond   Greenwood
Goodwin Pond   Adamstown Twp.
Granger Pond   Denmark
Granny Kent Pond   Shapleigh Twp.
Green Pond   Oxford
Hall Pond   Paris
Hancock Pond   Denmark
Heald Pond   Lovell
Hicks Pond   Greenwood
Hogan Pond   Oxford
Horseshoe Pond   Lovell
Horseshoe Pond   Andover
Howard Pond   Hanover
Hunt Pond   Fryeburg
Hutchinson Pond   Albany Twp.
Indian Pond   Greenwood
Island Pond   Waterford
Jaybird Pond   Hiram
Jewett Pond 5 Kezars Waterford
Joes Pond   Rumford
Keewaydin Lake   Stoneham
Keoka Lake   Waterford
Keys Pond   Sweden
Kezar Lake   Lovell
Kezar Pond   Fryeburg
Kimball Pond (Lower)   Fryeburg
Labrador Pond (Big)   Sumner
Labrador Pond (Little)   Sumner
Lincoln Pond   Parkertown Twp.
Little Pond Moose Pond Denmark
Long Pond   Denmark
Lovewell Pond   Fryeburg
Marshall Pond   Hebron
McWain Pond Long Pond Waterford
Middle Pond 5 Kezars Waterford
Mine Pond   Porter
Mollidgewock Pond   Upton
Moose Pond Little Moose Pond Waterford
Moose Pond   West Paris
Moose Pond   Otisfield
Moose Pond   Denmark
Mosquito Pond   Albany Twp.
Mud Pond 5 Kezars Waterford
Mud Pond   Lower Cupsuptic Twp.
Mud Pond   Greenwood
Mud Pond   Oxford
North Pond   Grafton
North Pond   Woodstock
North Pond   Norway
North Pond   Sumner
Otter Pond   Parmachenee Twp.
Overset Pond   Greenwood
Papoose Pond   Waterford
Papoose Pond (Little)   Waterford
Parmachenee Lake   Lynchtown Twp.
Peat Pond   Fryeburg
Pennesseewassee Lake   Norway
Pennesseewassee Lake (Little) Hobbs Pond Norway
Pepperpot Pond   Adamstown Twp.
Pequawket Lake Rattlesnake Pond Brownfield
Perley Pond   Denmark
Pickerel Pond   Denmark
Plain Pond   Porter
Pleasant Pond   Fryeburg
Pleasant Pond   Sumner
Pond In The River   Township C
Proctor Pond   Albany
Richardson Pond (Lower East)   Adamstown Twp.
Richardson Pond (Upper East)   Adamstown Twp.
Richardson Pond (West)   Adamstown Twp.
Richardson Lakes (Lower & Upper)   Richardsontown Twp.
Round Pond   Fryeburg
Round Pond  

Albany Twp.

Rump Pond   Pamachenee Twp.
Sand Pond Walden Pond Denmark
Sand Pond   Norway
Saturday Pond   Otisfield
Shagg Pond   Woodstock
Songo Pond   Albany Twps.
South Pond   Buckfield
South and Round Ponds   Greenwood
Southeast Pond   Hiram
Speck Pond   Grafton
Speck Pond #2   Norway
Spectacle Ponds   Porter
Stanley Pond   Hiram
Stearns Pond   Sweden
Sturtevant Pond   Magalloway Plt.
Sunday Pond   Magalloway Plt.
Surplus Pond   Andover N Surplus
Swan Pond   Hartford
Thompson Lake   Oxford
Trafton Pond   Porter
Trout Pond   Stoneham
Trout Pond   Mason Twp.
Twitchell Pond   Greenwood
Umbagog Lake   Magalloway Plt.
Virginia Lake   Stoneham
Washburn Pond   Woodstock
Webber Pond   Sweden
Wells Pond   Parmachenee Twp.
Weymouth Pond   Stoneham
Whitney Pond   Stoneham
Whitney Pond   Oxford
Worthley Pond   Peru
York Pond   Grafton Twp.