Kennebec River Fishery Management


JOB F-102

Progress Report No. 1 (1998-2002)

The Kennebec River varies in physical characteristics, water quality, fish species composition, and fisheries management from its origin at Moosehead Lake to tidewater.  This report documents management of the freshwater sport fishery from Harris Dam to tidewater, which comprises the lower 110 miles of the 132 mile-long river, from 1998-2002.  The upper section of the river (from Harris Dam to Solon) is managed for wild salmonids, the middle section (from Solon to Madison) for wild and stocked salmonids, and the lower section (from Madison to tidewater) is managed for stocked salmonids and smallmouth bass.  In its entirety, the river provides fisheries for wild and/or stocked brook trout, landlocked salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout, and smallmouth bass.  Smallmouth bass have long been established in the lower river, but recent illegal introductions of this species in the upper river threaten established salmonid populations.  This report includes data from clerk surveys, voluntary angler booklets, and electrofishing.  These data provide information on species abundance, origin (wild vs. stocked), growth rates, ages, and angler catch and harvest rates for the study period.  These data are presented to summarize the quality of the fishery by reach under existing regulations and rates of angler use prior to the implementation of more restrictive regulations effective 2004.  The data were also used to develop a comprehensive management plan for the river downstream of Harris Dam.

Written by Forrest Bonney

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