Evidence Recovery Team

The Maine Warden Service Evidence Recovery Team was formed in 2008. The team presently has six active evidence recovery technicians trained in the discipline of crime scene processing and issued the most modern equipment.

Within the crime scene processing discipline are more specific disciplines involving DNA handling, blood spatter analysis, and crime scene photography to name a few. The Warden Service ERT team is an associate member of the State Police Evidence Recovery Team. Members routinely train with other members of the State Police Evidence Recovery Team to stay on the cutting edge of CSI.

Fall of 2008 Warden Service ERT was called to a hunting fatality incident in Northern Maine. The scene location was processed and documented by a Maine Warden Service ERT. Evidence gathered at the scene was critical in determining the cause of death.

In the fall of 2006 an endangered lynx was found dead by moose hunters. U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents were called and began to investigate the case with local wardens. After finding critical evidence in both directions from the scene, Warden Service ERT was called to assist with specialized equipment to determine the trajectory. This was critical in convicting the illegal hunter.