Forensic Mapping Team

forensic mapping team

The Maine Warden Service Forensic Mapping Team is a specialty team made up of Game Wardens with special training in the use of Forensic Mapping Equipment and MapScenes Diagram Software.

The Forensic Mapping Team utilizes Leica Total Stations and MapScenes Archer Data Collectors to capture data points at serious crash and crime scenes. The mapping equipment permits the mapping specialists to capture precise distances and angles.

Forensic Mapping Specialists map recreational vehicle crash scenes, fish and wildlife violation scenes, hunting incident scenes, motor vehicle crashes and other crime scenes.

The Maine Warden Service Forensic Mapping Team assists local police departments, sheriff departments, and other state law enforcement agencies with crime and accident scene mapping.

The Forensic Mapping Team works closely with the Maine State Police Traffic Crash Analysis Unit, Forensic Mappers and Accident Reconstructionists.

Team members include: Warden Investigator Kevin Anderson — Administrative Team Leader, Warden Eric Blanchard — Training Team Leader, Warden Chris Cloutier, Warden John MacDonald, Warden Specialist Steve Allaire, Warden Investigator Jason Luce, Warden Josh Smith, Warden Alan Dudley, and Warden Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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