Maine Monitor Advocate

The State Monitor Advocate monitors agricultural employers for compliance with the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. To do this, the Monitor Advocate:

  • Conducts field checks in the agriculture industry.
  • Provides information and advocacy for migrant and seasonal farmworkers on issues such as wages, housing and discrimination.
  • Informs farmworkers of their rights and the services available to them.
  • Ensures that migrant workers seeking employment services receive the same level of service as nonagricultural or nonimmigrant customers.

Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker Resource Directory (Fifth Edition, 2014) (PDF) (Word)

This resource guide is for individuals and organizations that work with Maine’s migrant and seasonal farmworkers. It is not a compilation of every service provider in Maine, but rather a list of the agencies that either provide services to farmworkers or could prove to be useful resources to serve farmworkers in the future.

Related Publications

Hotline for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers: 1-888-307-9800 (Spanish and English spoken)

Migrant workers can contact the hotline to find out about farm work or nonagricultural employment. Migrant workers can also get assistance with obtaining a variety of services, including health care, shelter, food and clothing or educational opportunities. Workers who do not speak English can request assistance obtaining appointments with social service and health care providers.

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